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Program Information

Hey Cheerleaders and Families!

Here is some basic information you will need to know to get you through the Year. 

Class Clothes Schedule

Everyday cheerleaders are expected to wear black spanx or shorts and cheer shoes. 

  • Monday – Squad Smile Shirt

  • Tuesday – Grey Flower Mound with Teal shorts

  • Wednesday – White Roster Shirt

  • Thursday – Spirit Day Shirt (during football) tank top outfit  (remainder of the year & on off week) 

  • Friday – Family tank!

Game Days

  • Check with your coach as to which uniform you will wear.

  • Whenever you are in uniform you will ALWAYS wear CHEER HAIR!

  • Varsity - ½ up ½ down with all bangs out of your face. TECH HAIR ONLY 

  • JV - a high ponytail with all bangs out of your face. (Either poof or braid them)

  • Freshmen - a high ponytail with all bangs out of your face. (Either poof or braid them)

Football Games

  • All squads will need to report to their game 45 minutes in advance to properly warm up all skills for the game.

  • The JV and Freshmen squads will stay after school in the locker room, if they cheer the first game.  This time will be used for homework/study hall.  Team mom will organize the delivery of food before each FB game.

  • The Varsity squad will have mandatory team dinners at various cheerleaders’ houses for the home games.  For away games, Varsity may leave to get food.  We will not be stopping for dinner, so you must either bring it with you or eat before you board the bus.

  • Varsity will travel to and from the game together as a team on the bus.


Friday Night Volleyball Games

  • When there is a Varsity football game at the same time as a Friday night volleyball game, Freshmen or JV will cheer for Varsity Volleyball.

  • When freshmen cheer there will be 2 JV cheerleaders there to assist.  Make sure you check the calendar for your night.  

  • If we have a home football game on the same night as a home volleyball game, after you are done cheering you are allowed to enter the football stadium for FREE in uniform.  Once you enter the stadium to watch the remainder of the game, you MUST change out of all portions of your uniform into street clothes.  Just make sure that you do this after you enter so that you will be allowed in free! 


Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 8.22.34 PM.png

Pomming Schedule

  • Remember pomming is MANDATORY  if you miss your scheduled time and have not found a replacement 48 hours in advance you will receive a benching.  

  • You are only able to trade shift 1 time a nine weeks.  

  • When you pick up on Saturdays it MUST be picked up NO LATER than 9am.  Failure to do so will result in a demerit for every hour late.  Parents being transportation is not an excuse of why supplies were not picked up.  

Spirit Wear Sales

  • Cheerleader AND their PARENT will arrive at the stadium at 6:00 pm and will work the Spirit Table until the end of half time.  Failure to show up will result in a benching.  If you need to switch shifts it must be cleared through Spirit Sales Chair.  Cheerleaders will wear their NAVY full program uniform, squad hair with bow, no jewelry, cheer shoes etc (normal uniform rules apply). You MUST change out of your entire uniform if you chose to stay after sales are over.    

Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 8.36.18 PM.png

Job Duties of Jaggy and Rosie Escorts

  • Show up in full program uniform (normal uniform rules apply)

  • Meet in the locker room at time assigned.  Home games (6:00) Away games, you will go on the bus with Varsity (5:15 this time could change).

  • Failure to show up will result in a benching.  There WILL NOT BE any switches.  What you are assigned you are assigned.

  • You will help Jaggy and Rosie carry the prop bucket

  • You will help Jaggy and Rosie change in and out of costume

  • You will check and make sure Jaggy and Rosie are constantly hydrated

  • You will escort him in the stands making sure that they not being harrassed, physically abused, or running into things.

September 9th- Gracyn and Lesslie

September 23rd- Londyn and Allie

September 30th (Mound Showdown)- Bella and Ashlyn

October 7th- Jackie and Jordan

October 21st- Jordan and Gracyn

October 28th- Kendall and Bella

Mat Schedule

  • You will be responsible for rolling out and putting up the assigned mat number on your assigned day. BEFORE the tardy  bell. 

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